Rock Rover Amphibious Remote Control 4WD Toy

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Rock Rover Amphibious Remote Control 4WD Toy

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Rock Rover Amphibious Remote Control 4WD Toy

Go off-road or in water with the Rock Rover Amphibious Remote Control 4WD Toy. Rock Rover Amphibious is The King of the Land and Water. Destroy all boundaries with a country-crossing truck that can race up to 50 metres in a range of settings. Its sturdy alloy shell and advanced manufacturing ensures your mini-truck is ready to roll across land, water, grass, rocks and even ice landscapes.


  • By land or by sea – the only limits are your imagination with our remote-controlled amphibious cars.
  • Our amphibious car has a full range of motion – with a multi-directional movement capacity that lets you roll back and forward, and left and right towards your next destination. Drive to the sound of your own drum with music and colourful light features on the car’s exciting 1:12 ratio body.
  • Includes USB-rechargeable batteries that can keep you running up to 20 minutes at a time. The remote-control function of this car encourages development of all-important motor skills, while placing the creativity in your child’s hands – where custom tracks, new terrains and exciting journeys await.
  • This powerful amphibious car is ready and set to let you go on your next expedition – no matter where it takes you.

Product Specifications

  • 4WD, travels on all terrains, 4-channel remote, ratio 1:12, USB-rechargeable battery
  • Battery: 700 mAh
  • Battery Power: 7.2V

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