Radio Control High Speed FT007 Racing Boat

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Radio Control High Speed FT007 Racing Boat

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Radio Control High Speed FT007 Racing Boat

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Get ready to set sail on an awesome aquatic adventure! This Radio Control High Speed FT007 Racing Boat reaches a maximum speed of 20km/h, The boat is powered by 370 type racing motor which produces tremendous power Professionally designed and manufactured PC propeller which not only provides huge thrust-but is not easy to be damaged as well Vector-push design -easy to be controlled Professional high capacity chargeable battery and quick battery charger means the boat a long time and high speed race 100% metal actuating mechanism which is durable. A great gift for the gadget lover in your life!


  • Radio Control High Speed FT007 Racing Boat
  • High speed and high performance with a 370 type racing motor (coverage of 5.5 meters per second! 13 MPH maximum speed)
  • 2.4GHz frequency remote controller allows connection from longer distances (up to 490 ft).
  • Professional large torsion propeller delivers short bursts of power during racing. Smooth movement in all directions: forward, backward, left turns, and right turns.
  • High capacity 700mAh 7.4V Li-Ion battery provides longer runtime to play with your boat longer (for connection tips and the best playing results, see our product description below)
  • Made of strong and lightweight materials for durability, faster speed, and maneuverability

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