Mattel Turning Me Card Mega Dragon

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Mattel Turning Me Card Mega Dragon

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Mattel Turning Me Card Mega Dragon

The Mecard™ Mega Dracha is a jaw-dropping transforming Mecardimal from the thrilling world of Mecard! Mecard is an exciting new head-to-head action battle game based on the popular animated series. Now kids can own the Mega Dracha, a large-scale and utterly fierce fighting dragon that transforms in an instant when kids launch a Deluxe Mecardimal (sold separately) down Dracha’s ramp. Intimidate your opponent with the Dracha’s expansive wingspan. Bring on double the fun and double the transformation! Watch the Mega Dracha explode into a dragon warrior and then watch the Deluxe Mecardimal transform!

  • Now with Mega Dracha, kids can play out Mecard action in head-to-head competition.
  • Dracha is a huge dragon warrior that “comes to life” when you launch a Deluxe Mecardimal (sold separately) down the ramp, activating Dracha’s epic transformation.
  • Double the transformation! After activating Dracha’s transformation, the Deluxe Mecardimal continues onto a “magical” game card, triggering a second transformation.
  • Mega Dracha comes with one extra powerful purple game card.
  • Catch our animated series on the Mattel Action! YouTube channel.

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