Lalaloopsy Little Sisters Dolls

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Lalaloopsy Little Sisters Dolls

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Lalaloopsy Little Sisters Dolls

The Lalaloopsy Littles doll offers children ages four years and up a fun and colorful way to play . Kids will enjoy the doll’s wacky, colorful look . The doll comes with accessories.

Lalaloopsy Littles dolls are the baby sisters of your favourite Lalaloopsy characters. At 18cm tall they’re slightly smaller than their siblings, but they’re just as cute. Each one comes with a cute pet, just like their big sisters.

1 x Lalaloopsy Little Sisters Dolls

Randomly picked dolls will be Sent out..

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Note: Products are sold separately and come in various Colors. We cannot guarantee which Color you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders.

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