Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real

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Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real

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Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real

I’m the most advanced Baby ever! Your nurturing touch brings me to life for hours of interactive play! Over 30 animated expressions. Color eyes with realistic expressions. Over 60 baby sounds and responses.

My 7 sensors recognise feeding, burping, tickling, diaper changing, rocking to sleep, caring and playtime! I react to everything you do, just like a real baby. Feed, burp, change and play in the virtual nursery with the Baby So Real (TM) app.

Watch your virtual baby react to everything you do with your Baby So Real in real life. Earn baby point on the app to unlock more features.

App minimum requires Iphone 5/iPad with iOS 8 or above, and android devices with 1GB of memory or more.

Batteries 4 X AA.

Ages 3+

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