Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Wish & Spin Shimmer Doll

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Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine, Wish & Spin Shimmer Doll

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Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Wish & Spin Shimmer Doll

Shimmer & Shine Wish & Spin Shimmer Doll, Shimmer and Shine is an animated preschool series featuring the magical adventures of twin genies Shimmer and Shine and their best friend Leah. When Leah calls upon her secret genies with a special chant and rub of her genie bottle necklace, Shimmer and Shine travel on their magic carpet out of their genie world and into Leah’s human one. They’re always happy to help Leah solve a problem by granting wishes but when the wishes don’t work out as planned, the trio must work together to clean up their magical messes and find a way to make their mistakes turn out great.

Boom Zahramay! Let’s Make A Wish Today!

​Little ones can pretend to be just like Leah and call upon their genie divine, Shimmer! When kids clap their hands or press the top of the included magic bottle, Shimmer will perform a special wish-granting dance! Shimmer features a soft ponytail that can be styled with the included bottle-shaped brush.


  • Shimmer & Shine Wish & Spin Shimmer Doll
  • Clap your hands or press the genie bottle to magically call upon Shimmer! She talks, sings and moves!
  • Shimmer claps and spins as she grants your wish!
  • Dance along to songs from the television show!
  • Shimmer features soft hair and comes with a bottle-shaped hairbrush
  • As she moves and sings, the gems in Shimmer’s glittery golden bracelets will light up and sparkle

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