Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – White

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Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – White

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Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – White

After years of extensive research, Bluedio presents the sturdy and high quality Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. They deliver iconic, powerful bass resonance via the surging low frequency shock functionality. The 57mm ultra large dynamic drivers and turbine style housing help deliver superior sound quality while listening to any genre of music. In addition, the acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction feature reduce ambient noise while you are speaking into the microphone, thereby offering a good calling experience. This headphone supports Bluetooth 4.1 and has a built in battery that delivers a standby time of 1625 hours for continuous music playback. The headset is sturdy enough to use on a daily basis. It is available in a classy white color and features the brand’s name on the earcups.


  • Bluetooth
  • 536 g
  • Micro USB
  • Bluedio T2 Dynamic Bluetooth Headset


The Bluetooth music headset is designed keeping in mind today’s fashion forward generation. It takes on a quirky yet elegant look that gels well with any attire. In addition, this Bluetooth headset has a compact and lightweight structure for easy carrying and storage. Along with a good look, this headset offers complete comfort via its on the ear earcups that provide a comfortable feel.

This high quality Bluetooth headset has been engineered after thorough research. It incorporates 57mm ultra large dynamic drivers with turbine style housing and Bluedio’s iconic surging low frequency shock. They together deliver deep bass resonance, clear highs, and deep lows, for a superior sound quality.


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1 review for Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – White

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    We have had the Bluedio T2S for a while now & I must say, I’m impressed! I bought these Headphones for a teenage child to use as she kept breaking the cheapo corded units from JB & Target etc.
    The Bluetooth Function is easy to setup, use & control. The dual Function – input/output – Audio jack is also a real bonus. If the battery goes flat, use the double ended 3.5mm audio cord to use these ‘phones as a corded headset. Or if you have friends around, simply plug in their corded headphones to listen to your music streamed via BT.
    My child loves the swivel feature of the ear piece; so she can have only one ear covered if need be – DJ Style.
    The Battery life is awesome, it will last almost an entire day with non stop use. Sound quality is – in our opinion – Great!! Some people may not like the deep responsive bass but we love it. That’s not to say the treble is lacking; far from it. We feel the sound range of these ‘phones is awesome & I can turn up the music loud & get great sound with no distortion or sound bleed to people next to me.
    These ‘phones are awesome value also! Other brand units offering the same features & comfort are WAY more expensive! Some 10 times the price!
    Do yourself a favour & buy a set of Bluedio T2S Headphones. You WONT regret it!

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