Morey Mach 108 cm (42.5″) 9TR Body Board

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Morey Mach 108 cm (42.5″) 9TR Body Board

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Morey Mach 108 cm (42.5″) 9TR Body Board

Morey Mach 108 cm (42.5″) 9TR Body Board (Tube Rail design) is a great choice for beginner to intermediate level body-boarders. It is constructed from polyethylene with a Phuzion core for strength and manouevrability, IXL (X-link) deck which is a more compact foam that absorbs very little water and more durable, and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) slick, which provides protection, speed and extra responsiveness in the water.This board features an innovative tube rail system that increases hold when on a rail, making it easier to perform a variety of manoeuvres. The custom deck has added contours which help to maintain maximum grip and proper body positioning, with a wrist leash providing additional support.


  • Polyethylene Phuzion core
  • High density durable IXL deck
  • High density polyethylene slick bottom
  • Crescent tail with full channel bottom
  • Added contours for stability
  • Graphics on the bottom of the board
  • Tube rail system
  • Wrist leash for additional support


  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Brand: Wham-O
  • Type: Bodyboard
  • Dimensions: H 109.2 x W 56.9 x D 33 cm
  • Material: 100% polyethylene

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