HEAD Sport Full Face Snorkeling Mask

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HEAD Sport Full Face Snorkeling Mask

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HEAD Sport Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The innovative design of the HEAD Sport full face snorkeling mask allows the wearer to comfortably breathe from both their mouth and nose without the issues associated with a conventional mask and snorkel.  It also keeps your face dry and the 180° viewing lens fog free! The mask features make this a great product for anyone, whether you’re an experienced snorkeler or someone just getting into the sport.


  • Available in 2 sizes: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large
  • No fogging on mask lens as fresh air is constantly being circulated
  • Allows for breathing through mouth or nose
  • Face stays dry
  • Wide panoramic view
  • Silicone mask skirt insures non-leak seal
  • Dry top keeps water from coming into snorkel during use
Measure the distance between the bridge at the top of your nose and the bottom of your chin.
Choose size small/medium if it is between 10 cm (3.9 in) and 11.5 cm (4.5 in.)
Choose size Large/X-Large if it is more than 11.5 cm (4.5 in.)

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