OXO Softworks 8pc pop container set

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OXO Softworks 8pc pop container set

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OXO Softworks 8pc pop container set

The OXO Softworks POP Containers are airtight, stackable and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized. The Containers have a unique push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch.


  • Airtight seal – push button to keep dry foods fresh
  • Easy to clean – lid comes apart for thorough cleaning
  • Container allows for easy pouring
  • Square rectangle shapes maximize space efficiency
  • Also great for garage, sewing room, play room and more


  • 2 small sq short 1.1 qt/1.0L
  • 1 rectangle mini 0.5qt/0.5L
  • 1 rectangle short 1.7qt/1.5L
  • 2 big sq short 2.6qt/2.4L
  • 1 big sq medium 4.3qt/4.0L
  • 1 small sq tall 2.3qt/2.2L

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