3-in-1 Veg And Fruit Spiral Slicer

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3-in-1 Veg And Fruit Spiral Slicer

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3-in-1 Veg And Fruit Spiral Slicer

If you are looking for a cost effective and easy to use kitchen tool which will make your life simpler, impress your guests and save time. Then this 3-in-1 Veg And Fruit Spiral Slicer can provide the best choice. It comes with tri blade that gives a unique shape to your vegetables, fruits, pasta or any other food. Perfect for adding a refreshing twist to your salad, a fancy garnish to your plate or giving a new twist to your favourite meal, this spiral slicer puts the fun back in vegetables.


  • Make your kitchen life Incredible and help you save lot of time vegetable peeling with the spiralizer
  • This vegetable spiralizer Made of High Quality durable plastic
  • The spiral vegetable slicer is very easy to use, just put the vegetable or fruit on prongs, turn wheel while pushing base toward blade
  • About the spiral slicer, the last blade is attached to the device with the other two stored below
  • 3 slicer blades: shredder, chipper & slicer

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