Rain-X Universal Luxury Auto Covers

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Rain-X Universal Luxury Auto Covers

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Rain-X Universal Luxury Auto Covers

High quality Rain-X® Covers are not just for cars. They provide all weather protection for just about any vehicle you drive from snowmobiles to trucks and ATVs to motorcycles. Get a Rain-X® Vehicle Cover, and you’ll be ready to Outsmart the Elements.

Rain-X® Vehicle Covers are the brand consumers trust most. With 3 levels of performance to choose and the best warranties available in the industry, there’s a perfect Rain-X® Vehicle Cover for your car. They’re loaded with features that protect your car from the elements and keep it looking its best. Each is water-resistant and extremely durable, and offers a full elastic hem for a snug fit, a trunk loop, vehicle corner tie-down straps and an antenna patch and storage bag. Choose from three styles from lightweight to heavy duty in  M, L, XL sizes.

  • Fabric will not scratch vehicle surface
  • Water resistant, breathable UV protection
  • Full elastic hem for snug fit, ultrasonic seams, trunk loop, vehicle corner tie down straps
  • Attached five way vehicle tie down straps and grommets; eliminates need for cable/lock
  • Antenna patch and storage bag
  • 120 gsm 3-layer, Super Soft* fabric
  • 10 years warranty

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