Mortein Control Bombs 3 Pack 3 X 125g

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Mortein Control Bombs 3 Pack

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Mortein Control Bombs 3 Pack

Mortein Control Bombs are a complete do it yourself product to kill multiple insect infestations such as cockroaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles, moths and ants in the home. Mortein Control Bombs are easy to use, it does not leave any nasty odours and you can return to the treated room after two hours.


  • Mortein Bombs Treats many types of insect infestations and stops flea re-infestations for up to 3 months by breaking the breeding cycle
  • The locking tab releases the entire can of fine mist to kill existing insect infestations where they hide
  • Do-It-Yourself single use product that is easy to use
  • Leaves no unpleasant residual odour and room can be re-entered 2 hours after treatment
Read all directions on individual packs before use.

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